Lost Data =
Lost Business

Creative and communications agencies hold a treasure trove of client data – and attackers want it more than ever.

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 A single data breach can:


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Tarnish Client Relationships



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Result in Client Turnover



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Interrupt Agency Continuity



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Usher in Lawsuits

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Increase Cyber Insurance Premiums

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Force the Agency to
Close ... For Good



Coronet, the trusted data breach protection platform of Dropbox and Lenovo, provides data breach protection that is easy to use and maintain for agencies of all sizes. 

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Installed in minutes, Coronet AUTOMATICALLY:



Protects Cloud Applications

Minimize risk of data breach from G-Suite, Office 365, Dropbox, Box, Slack and more

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Avoids Insecure Networks

Prevent employees from logging on to insecure and spoofed Wi-Fi networks


Stops Malware & Ransomware

Block malware and ransomware from spreading throughout the agency


Authenticates Every User

Stop unauthorized access & data exfiltration by with automatic authentication


Blocks Suspicious Activity

Detect and stop suspicious access attempts and data transfers


Meets Compliance Requirements

Satisfy most compliance and cyber insurance requirements

Minimize Agency Risk. Protect Client Data with Coronet.


Coronet protects more than 1.8 million people.

+  Quick installation

+  No burdensome maintenance or IT specialist required

+  No restrictions on where employees can work

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