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The Biggest Cyber Security Threats 2022

The first‑ever study on cyber security preparedness for mid‑market businesses and best practices to keep your company protected

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In 2022, the typical mid-market company can expect to face between 56,000 and 86,000 attacks.

A mid-sized company with 1,000 employees being attacked between 56,000 and 86,000 times in 2022 equates to just five to seven attacks per employee per month.

Actual and Projected Number of  Attacks per Company 2019 through 2022
Percent Increase in Average Attacks  per Company Q1 2020 to Q4 2021

No industry is safe.

Every sector is experiencing a tremendous increase in cyber attack volume.

Attack sophistication continues to rise.

During the pandemic, naïve attacks (those that do not differentiate between targets) dropped by 21% while insider threats and targeted attacks doubled and customized attacks increased four fold.

Changing Prevalence of Attack Type 2020-2021

Automated attacks against mid-market companies have increased significantly during the COVID era

Bot attacks have well more than doubled as commoditization and automation of attacks have created economies of scale that heavily favor the cyber attacker.


General Email Phishing 80% Increase 2020-2021


Bot Attacks 138% Increase 2020-2021


Malware via Endpoint 56% Increase 2020-2021

How does your company stack up?

See how the 4,000 mid-sized companies Coro studied are defending themselves. Learn what you can do to protect your organization from the onslaught of cyber attacks coming at you this year and into the future.

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