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Partner with Coro

Coro was built on the principle of non-disruptive security: holistic security protection, with unrivaled ease of use, and unmatched affordability.

Coro only surfaces the issues that require human expertise. This means Coro acts like a productivity solution for security--it’s easy to install and operate, and enables IT to quickly configure what is and isn’t critical to your business security.

Coro’s security kit is the only product in the market offering an integrated approach to security for SMBs. Partnering with Coro gives you a chance to serve an unattended market.

Partner with Coro

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Email, endpoint, DLP, and cloud app security all under a single solution

For the first time, there is a single product that observes and handles cybersecurity holistically. Gone are the days of multiple solutions, complex integrations, and lengthy deployments. Welcome to the future of cyber defense. Welcome to Coro. Manage all of your layered security in a simplified dashboard and get more time back in your day.

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1-Click Resolve™ 

Once issues have been identified, you should be able to take action quickly. Streamline your ticket resolution and remediation processes with Coro's 1-Click Resolve™. Eliminate the need to switch between different application & systems. Take action within Coro's simple to use dashboard that will make commands to necessary outside applications.

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Collective intelligence powered by AI

Coro's AI engine is constantly receiving information across millions of nodes globally. Simply put, Coro's AI is on the forefront of learning, detecting, and identifying cyber threats to protect our clients before attacks even happen.

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Finally, cybersecurity built for SMB & the mid-market

In the past, cybersecurity products were designed for enterprise companies. They were expensive and required advanced knowledge to operate. Coro's solution is an out-of-the-box cybersecurity product that enables small to medium size businesses to not only afford cyber defense but to manage it as well.


Cybersecurity that's not siloed

Layered cybersecurity doesn't need to be siloed through multiple vendors or complex product matrixes. Coro provides a unified platform that operates in unison. One domain operates with the rest, which creates overlap to strengthen detection and response.